Updated Player Mech and Loadout is Live!

New players will now start with a different mech - the Assault.  And this time they will have a full loadout of items and internals.  The CR-T will continue to exist, so it's not going away.  We will be adding it as a purchasable mech very soon.
Here's what I'm hoping this change will do:
1. Change things up a little bit
2. Attempt to alleviate "pay 2 win" impressions
3. Make new users live a little longer
4. Make it more clear to new users what's available in the game
If you have a chance, ask new users what they think of Hawken.  I'm hoping you will notice a pattern of new users having a slightly different set of impressions.
Here's the rundown:
Items Loadout: 
MG Turret - 2 slot
Repair Chart - 2 slot
Shield - 2 slot
Unlocked Items (in addition to loadout):
Detonator - 3 slot
Repair Charge - 4 slot
Hologram - 4 slot
Disruptor - 4 slot
Internals Loadout:
Composite Armor - 1 slot
Deflectors - 2 slot
Extractor - 2 slot
Basic Reconstructor - 1 slot
Unlocked Internals (in addition to loadout):
Air Compressor - 3 slot
Replenisher - 3 slot
Now, for all existing users who didn't get the benefit of this new mech, what would be a good way to make it more fair?  The easiest thing would be to make a universal code that redeems for this exact mech.  Some people will then have 2 Assaults, so I can see how it may not seem ideal.  HC and XP boost promo codes and events would be another easy way to address it.  I want to hear more thoughts... and I'd like to move on it pretty soon.

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