Weekly Update - Mar 28 2015

Alright, it's been a good 2 weeks since we were able to start seriously work on Hawken.  Here is what I had posted on Facebook (strikethroughs indicating the stuff I'd consider done-or-mostly-done):
Fix password reset
Get Forums working again
Fix more deployment stuff
Fix a bunch of tools systems 
Play Hawken
Fix more back end systems
Play more Hawken and get rolled by the good players
Fix Fix Fix (yeah, lots of this)
Plan new updates and future changes
I'm being a little generous with the last 2, since every time we fix a bug it seems to sort of reveal another bug that was hidden behind the first.  The planning of new updates and future changes, while not complete of course, is moving along.  Of note, there were a few things we did in addition to that list:
New deployment server that can build back-end services
Recovered all the old workstations
Put the first of the servers in their new home in the datacenter
Confirmed a new way of doing core analytics processing that should keep those costs way down 
The nice thing is that, despite a few remaining bugs, the core systems are now all functional (besides customer support of course) 
So, I figured it'd be time to make a new list of some of the things coming up next (that, and Tiggs keeps pestering me about it).  In no particular order: 
  1. Fix dependencies on some forum modules (that's why the home page still looks off)
  2. Customer support site - we have the account set up; SSO needs to be rebuilt (more involved than with forums)
  3. Licensing and licensing systems for a number of dev tools and systems, e.g. Maya, 3dsMax, source control, build servers, etc.
  4. Get that new user mech and loadout implemented
  5. Start digging in to the gameserver and client source code <--- that's the exciting stuff :)
  6. Manage the distraction potential of meetings, legal, and other "fun" bookkeeping tasks (I try to remain positive)  
Of the above list, point 6 could well be the dark horse in terms of importance ;)
Alright, I'm tired.  Time to rest up for next week.


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