Server Regions - Proposal and Request for Comment

We don't want this:

Someone joins, selects a non-populated region, then hits "Play".  Then waits.  And waits.  Then quits and uninstalls, wondering if the universe and Hawken hates them. 

I propose we merge server regions in some way, but I'm not convinced on exactly how yet.  In general, it's a question of just renaming the regions and then indicating where in that region each gameserver is located.  These are based on various posts I've read while lurking in forums: 

1. The super-consolidation option:

- One single region for the entirely of planet earth.  Each gameserver in the list includes the city or country in which is it located, e.g. one region called "Hawken" with servers named "na-west-coast", "na-central", "na-east", "brazil", "sydney", "frankfurt", etc. 

2. The significant consolidation option:

- Regions of "Western Hemisphere", "Europe", and "Asia".  Gameservers indicate city/country where they are physically located. 

3. The somewhat consolidation option:

- Regions of "North America", "South America", "Asia", and "Europe".  Gameserver indicate city/country where they are physically located. 

What are your thoughts on the above 3 options, let us know here


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