A Note from [HWK]Capnjosh March 20, 2015

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still..  I’m actually standing and trying to type right now.   Note, don’t bother. Doesn't work.   

To me, the launch of the forums kicks off the next stage in the life of Hawken.  This game is significant.  This community is significant.  The support I’ve seen this community deliver to anybody and everybody is remarkable.  Really.  It’s a sense of honor I feel to have the opportunity to work with you.  

We wanted to get these forums up as quickly as possible because, dude, it’s been too long.  We’ll get the more official stuff hammered out in the coming days, but I believe the future of these forums will look something kinda like this: 

  1. You can freely express your opinions and you’ll see people being constructive (of all the crazy things ;)
  2. You will see thoughtful feedback that intends to be professional
  3. You will find a well-organized list of highly-regarded, well-made community design proposals
  4. You will find the Dev team actively wrestling with how to integrate community design proposals into ongoing dev sprints
  5. You will make a set of friends you respect, even when you heatedly disagree with them
  6. You will see many other communities sprout up around the world, each reflecting similar ideals and growth
  7. You will see rage and drama and many a fuzzy bunny.  And then you’ll see the same people coolly isolate the differences in assumptions, and then create a proposed solution, complete with tests…. Ok, now I’m preaching ;) 

Seriously, this is gonna be good…


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